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  • Open Mic Season

    Bruce got it at The Stone Pony, The Ramones got it at CBGB's, and Susan Boyle got it on Britian's Got Talent - everybody has to get their start somewhere. Yours could be at QED, if you've got the guts to get up on stage, that is.  And please don't start with the excuses, because they're all the same.  "I'm too nervous," "I don't know how," "What if I suck?"  Well, don't be, LEARN, and honestly? Yeah, you might.  But you'll get honest feedback, practice, and a rush for sure.  If the spotlight isn't your dig, don't fret; just come hang...

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  • This Week at QED: March 2nd - March 8th

    So far, March is living up to it's name and coming in like a lion. A really big, mean, hangry lion. Duck into our doors for safety.  Monday, March 2nd: Frank Conniff's Cartoon Dump - 8PM It's dark, it's different, and it may be dumpy, but it's hilarious. TV's Frank Conniff (TV's Frank on Mystery Science Theater 3000) is back for his monthly Monday night shenanigans! This time, he brings: Hari Kondobalu, Kevin Avery, Carolina Hildago, and Livia Scott.   Tuesday, March 3rd: Plan B Open Mic - 7PM Due to some schedule adjustments, we're having a last-minute open mic! Crazy gals Kambri...

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  • This Week at QED: February 23rd - March 1st

    Let's wrap up this wretched February weather together!  Monday, February 23rd: Saw Her Stand Up There - 8pm It’s Ladies Night! This monthly stand-up show features a cast of all female players. Host Andrea Shaprio (from the weekly Bunk Bed Hour open mic) recruited some of her all-star friends to visit this month, including: Caitlin Brodnick (Glamour, The Moth) Giulia Rozzi (MTV, Chelsea Lately), Poppi Kamer (VH1, E!), Jessica Delfino (“What Would Jesus Buy?”, CNN). Sponsored by Raising Astoria! Tuesday, February 24th: FastTrack - 7pm It’s an open mic, it’s storytelling, it’s standup - and its all happening on a...

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