Producing a Show at Q.E.D.

Updated and current as of MARCH 2023
Thanks for your interest! Below are tech details and critical info on producing at QED. Please review it before emailing. 
If you have an idea for a show we'd love to hear from you! It's a mutual endeavor & QED will be a partner with you in running the show. 

Email with your pitch with the info requested below...

Shows are usually 1 to 1.5 hours long. Producers are required to be on site 30 minutes prior to their scheduled event. We've had storytelling, improv, stand-up, sketch, movie screenings, musicals, solo shows, readings, small and large theatrical productions, Q&A panels, live podcasts, game shows and more.

All kinds! We're honestly open to (pretty much) anything. The more fleshed out your idea is, the better. The more prepared you are, the quicker we can get your show up and running. 

In order to be considered, please include the following:

  • Short description of your show.
  • Web link(s) to your work / personal website, etc.
  • Indicate if this is a one-off show or if you'd like it to be recurring. Keep in mind that our recurring shows are usually monthly but some are bi-monthly or quarterly.
  • How long is the show? 
  • Day and/or time preferences. Though it helps to be flexible as it depends on our schedule.
  • Any tech needs. 

We offer a ticket split. You set the price at whatever you think your market will bear. Most shows at Q.E.D. are priced between $5 - $15 +/-. We can sell up to 48-50 tickets for the showroom (43 -45 if you use all 5 of your comps) and still keep the curtain closed. More with the curtain open. 

For shows on Saturday matinees or Sunday day or night, the first $50 in ticket sales goes to Q.E.D. while the remainder of the ticket sales are split 50/50 between the house and the producers. Producers guarantee the 1st $50.

For shows occurring Wednesday & Thursday, the first $75 in ticket sales goes to Q.E.D. while the remainder of the ticket sales are split 50/50 between the house and the producers. Producers guarantee the 1st $75.

For shows Friday & Saturday nights, the first $100 in ticket sales goes to Q.E.D. while the remainder of the ticket sales are split 50/50 between the house and the producers. Producers guarantee the 1st $100.

General rule is 1st $100 in ticket sales to QED then 100% of sales to the charity. You can raise extra money via raffle tickets or auctions, too! We are limited to about 2 charitable events a month, give or take.

Of course there are sometimes exceptions like for charitable or free events, but this is the baseline especially for new shows/producers.

***Producers who need to cancel less than four weeks before their confirmed show date will be required to pay their guarantee in full. 14 days or less will result in a $200 kill fee; 7 days or less, $375 kill fee. ***

Producers are allotted five (5) complimentary tickets for their friends and family. These comps do not count as paid tickets when meeting a guarantee. If any members of the press want to come to your show they do not count against your comp list. Names for the comp list should be compiled and submitted on the day of the event, at least 2 hours prior to the start time. 

* We offer one complimentary drink per show for the host to use at their discretion. No outside food or beverage is allowed at Q.E.D. Please remind your performers and audience of this. Q.E.D. can remain open and affordable only by the purchases made. Q.E.D. offers beer, wine, ciders & low proof rum, vodka and tequila. For n/a drinks we have coffee, tea, fancy sodas & more. We also offer a variety of fresh pastries and snacks and hot foods from Zorba's. If you have a food and/or drink element as part of your show, you must get pre-approval. 

* QED is active with promotions on social media, has a very strong newsletter and mailing list of over 15K subscribers. That said, this is a mutual endeavor and we expect producers to assist in creating their promotional materials and promoting to the general public. We have a list of tips and tricks if you need guidance!

* To review tech in person, you must schedule an appointment. Email to set up a time. Drop-ins will not be accommodated.

* Our maximum legal capacity is 74. This includes Q.E.D. staff, any comps and performers, so keep that in mind when booking your show and deciding on a ticket price. The showroom seats about 48 - 50. At your request, we can allow for sales for more if you are okay with our room dividing curtain being open to allow for seating in the bar area or standing room. 

* QED encourages performers to perform wherever and whenever they can. Stage time is stage time! We do, however, ask QED producers not to produce or regularly host other shows in Astoria (anywhere else is a-okay!) within 6 weeks before or after their QED show. 

* Fliers should be sent at least three weeks in advance. Square for IG and our newsletter and printing for our windows; AND a banner 2160 x 1080px (for Eventbrite & FB.

Do not post fliers for your event anywhere on public property! It is illegal. The Department of Sanitation can fine you up to $200 per poster, which will be your responsibility to pay.

* If you require anything beyond our four onstage microphones or simple house music before the show, please have someone in your crew review tech to handle blackouts, music cues, videos, etc. We do not have a dedicated tech for shows, only a door person who can direct you to the tech booth. Please let your performers know this before they arrive for your show.

* To review tech in person, you must schedule an appointment. Drop-ins will not be accommodated.

QED has the following available for your use:

* Four microphones, three regular mic stands and two boom mike stands.

* Four XLR connections on stage can be used for microphones, a DI box, etc.

* Two DI boxes with two 1/4" inputs to connect to instruments.

* There is one "God" mic in the tech booth.

* LED light board and control for one spotlight for lighting cues & blackouts are located in the tech booth.

* To record audio or connect to our sound board, we have an input usable with a quarter inch connector. You must bring your own recording device.

* Music can be played through your mobile device via a simple auxiliary (headphone jack) connection in the tech booth or by connecting to our board via bluetooth.

* Videos, slideshows, PowerPoints, etc., are streamed to our TV through Apple TV with an Apple device (iPhones & iPads or Mac with AirPlay connectivity) or via a direct connect to our projector which projects to a 9' manual projection screen on stage.

* Q.E.D. has a house DVD player, keyboard, laptop and iPad available for use upon advance request.

* Q.E.D. has dozens of stools and tables, two music stands, one guitar stand, three regular & two boom mic stands, keyboard stand, and easel.

* There is a small, mostly private backstage area with a full-length mirror, multiple outlets and coat hooks.

* There is a full basement with a couch, dining tables, keyboard, amp and private dressing area for $10 an hour. This must be reserved at least 7 days in advance to avoid a conflict with our rehearsal and podcast studio which is also located in the basement.   

If you want to bookmark just all the tech info for future reference, here's the link: