About Q.E.D.

Q.E.D. is the only independent, woman-owned and operated venue for the arts in Astoria, Queens, NYC. As a small community-driven space by & for creatives, we provide an affordable and accessible space for artists & performers of all types. In 2022 we were voted #1 comedy venue in NYC by TimeOut New York readers, but we're so much more than just comedy! 

At Q.E.D. you’ll find stand-up comedy shows with performers ranging from the beginner to the very famous. We also have workshops, meet ups, movie screenings, readings, lectures, watch parties and more. Our affordable classes and shows are as diverse as Queens itself. With 80 or more events each month, there’s something for everyone. 

As if that weren't enough, we also have a recording and rehearsal studio, a bar/café & an excellent little selection of jigsaw puzzles, games, journals, notecards as well as new & used books. Q.E.D. is available to rent for private events, film shoots, podcasting and more.

About QEDCheck out this video interview with Kambri at QED!

Q.E.D. is an abbreviation of the Latin phrase "quod erat demonstrandum". If you ever do a crossword puzzle, you'll thank us for this bit of info. It translates to "that which was demonstrated", but if you want it to stand for Queens Ed, that's cool, too.


Q.E.D. was created by 25-year Astoria, Queens resident Kambri Crews. A New York Times best selling authorproducer, storyteller, publicist and paralegal, Kambri reinvested her vast & varied years of experience into her neighborhood.

Before Q.E.D., she served as Director of Marketing & PR for the 400-seat comedy club Comix, during which time she also owned and operated the 40-seat venue Ochi's Lounge. She also served as a comedy booker for the The 92nd Street Y and produced & promoted live comedy tours with Marc Maron, David Koechner and more.

Classes range from arts and crafts to flower arranging to home brewing. Pickling? Sure, why not! American Sign Language? Throw your hands in the air! Twisted balloon animals? Hey, whatever you're into, pal! Best of all, the classes are very affordable with low commitment. No need to pay a few hundred bucks for an 8-week course only to find out you hate pickled vegetables (because you're a monster!) or you got a gig that means you'll miss most classes. They're usually only a couple of hours long and kept to one or two sessions.

Our list of upcoming classes can be found here. We make up class topics and search out instructors, but suggestions are highly welcome! If you have an idea for a class you'd like to teach or take, email us. And click here to learn more about teaching.

Shows consist of stand up comedy, sketch, improv, poetry, storytelling, readings, solo shows and more performed by talent ranging from the novice to the veteran. Check out our upcoming shows hereIf you want a shot at hosting or producing a show, check out our producer guidelines and email us. 

We like performers and teachers of every stripe.

If you're excited to teach it, chances are someone wants to learn it. We're always looking for something new to learn from history to art to DIY projects to languages, you name it. Click here to learn more about teaching.

If you want a shot at hosting or producing a show, check out our producer guidelines and fill out the form. If you're brand new at performing, we suggest coming to a few open mics and other shows and introducing yourself to the other performers and the producers of shows. Plus we offer a wide selection of classes on the craft of writing, performing and breaking into the business.