• Artist Spotlight - Carrie Crow

    Q.E.D.'s art gallery is currently displaying the work of three artists, including the photography series Trash Trees by Carrie Crow

    Crow is a fine art, performance, and horse racing photographer whose work has been exhibited internationally at the Queens Museum of Art, Newspace Center for Photography, Curious Matter, Kunst Altonale, and Galleria Perela during the 2011 Venice Biennale. Her work has also appeared in The New York Times, The New York Post, Time Out New York, and in literary and arts publications such as 3:AM Magazine, SAND Journal, North Sea Jazz Fest. Born and raised in Los Angeles and a long time resident of New York City, Carrie frequently travels and works in Paris, France.

    Below is Crow's statement on her exhibit Trash Trees:

    "We have looked upon nature for ages as an object to be conquered and consumed, an object of our desires, which we obscure in our vanity and want to bend to our will.  We have manipulated our environment and in many cases left it unrecognizable.

    The transmutation of the natural world and its apparent submission to the consumer culture is the subject of my series of photographs, Trash Trees.  The intriguing element observed is the integration of waste into the landscape to create a beauty that is sublime, but always unsettling.  In an urban environment plastic is omnipresent.  Its asphyxiating presence lays heavy on the landscape, but nature has taken the refuse of humanity and created an elegance born from the tension between man’s self-destructive egocentricity and nature’s bloom.  In the trees a new reality arises between the bare branches of winter where multicolored plastic bags have taken hold, replacing leaves. They catch the eye with the odd allure of their ethereal shapes and colors, which even birds have come to integrate into their nests.

    As more and more of our inhabitable space is being submerged beneath waste, nature strives to return to a state of purity, it integrates the decay that ravages and, in the midst of manmade ruination, continues forward in the process of creation, surviving the filth to finally flourish."

    - $175, framed
    - Trash Trees, Series 2012 - 2014 
    - 8x10” digital archival print matted to 13x15”
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