• Thankful!

    I *might* be a little drunk from the excessive R&R (10 hours of sleep each of the last 2 nights on top of all the puzzles and crafts and turkey and games and crackling fires and love), but I'm feeling ever so grateful to everyone who helped get QED: A Place to Show & Tell off the ground with their donations, advice, contacts, ideas, all of it. Every single bit of it was used and appreciated and now we have a space open for all to enjoy.

    Monday marks one month since we officially opened and now the work begins to make sure we can maintain momentum, book some solid regular shows, be creative with our programming and sustain this community space and provide laughs and learning.

    Take it from my 12-year-old protege who has the right idea: There's finally a space we have access to, to be creative and have fun. Let's do it! 

    Why not?

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