• Vision Board Party

    Q.E.D. Astoria

  • Why just talk about your dreams when you can VISUALIZE them?! Kambri and Lauren have organized this fun cute vision board party hang. There’s limited space and invite only so if you have this link go ahead and grab your spot by purchasing your supplies/ our usage of the space below. 
    Whether you’re trying to win an Emmy or just stretch more, putting it on a vision board and sharing with friends will definitely help all your dreams come true! 
    No outside food or drink please. There will be lots of yummy options available for purchase on site including a bagel spread, mimosas and coffee. So what are you waiting for? It’s your money and you need it nowwww! 
    NOTE: By purchasing  tickets you affirm that you have read and agree to the QED policy here: https://qedastoria.com/pages/covid-guidelines
  • $ 10.00

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