• Origami Paper 20 Vivid Colors (500 Sheets)

    Peter Pauper Press

  • Deluxe boxed set contains 500 sheets of premium origami paper! Vibrant, specially designed paper is the perfect weight for easy folding and durability. Paper comes in 20 different brilliant double-sided solid colors. Boxed set includes a booklet with instructions for making 6 classic origami projects: a boat, a crane, a fortune teller, a pinwheel, a flower, and a box. Discover, explore, and enjoy this ancient art form! Set comes in a sturdy laminated box that safeguards your origami paper as you use it. 500 sheets in all. Each sheet measures 6'' square.
  • $ 14.99

Origami Paper 20 Vivid Colors (500 Sheets)

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