• One Line a Day Journal


  • This classic memory-keeper is the perfect way to track the ups and downs of life, day by day.

    More than a daily diary or journal: For those daunted by the idea of keeping a journal or diary, the simple commitment of just One Line a Day is manageable for everyone. Each page of the journal includes an entry for five successive years, allowing users to revisit previous thoughts on a specific day of the year over the span of five years, and reflect on change and progress.
    • Use the One Line a Day 5-year journal format to provide an insightful snapshot of your thoughts, memories, change, and progress on each of the 365 days of the year
    • See patterns emerge as important events like anniversaries, birthdays, and holidays come and go
    • As the pages fill, you'll discover happy coincidences and have a chance to relive forgotten moments
  • $ 16.95

One Line a Day Journal

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