• Keenan Steiner: Sneaky


  • Some gays are born pole dancing around an umbilical cord sliding down a rainbow, while NYC standup comedian Keenan Steiner badly did not want to come out even into his mid-20s, let alone admit his sexuality to himself.

    In his inaugural standup hour/one-man show, Keenan, in his authentic voice and off-the-cuff style, leads you through the episodes that slowed him down and then convinced him to belatedly accept his sexuality, one twisted punchline at a time. The show is being called the “Funniest thing I’ve seen in years,” “methodically crafted” and “crack up funny” by audiences in the US and Mexico.  

    “With a style that’s big and bold without ever losing an ounce of sincerity, Keenan guides you on an adventure that’s often outrageous, sometimes poignant and always, always funny.” See more reviews here: keenansteiner.com/reviews.

    SNEAKY, got its start at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and much like Keenan’s humor, it took an unexpected turn to Mexico, where it played in cities across the country. It picked up some flavor and stories from across the border and has now been playing across venues throughout  New York City. Featuring the very funny Ruth Allen (The Stand)

    Preview Keenan’s standup (and watch the mini doc "Stand Arriba" at youtube.com/@KeenanSteiner
    Instagram @KeenanStandup
    Tiktok @gringobilingay

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Keenan Steiner: Sneaky

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