• Jason King and Vishal Kal Present: Two Halves


  • On paper, comedians Jason King and Vishal Kal seem like they would be pretty different: one, a black kid from Queens, New York, and the other an Indian immigrant who landed in the Bay Area. But somehow, they found themselves walking similar paths in life - both quirky outsiders balancing cultural expectations with their own unique takes and identities. The two met early on in their comedy careers and have been friends ever since. Now, for the first time, watch as these two halves of the same coin present two half hours of comedy where they talk about culture, dating, their passions, and their unique experiences, in the same silly ways.
    Hosted by: Alexandria Love 
    Featuring: Josh Daws
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  • $ 8.08

Jason King and Vishal Kal Present: Two Halves

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