• I Love(ish) New York City: Tales of City Life - Hardcover


  • A humorous and relatable look into the joys and pitfalls of living in New York City.

    There is no city quite like New York City, for better or worse. 
    I Love(ish) New York is a hilarious relatable collection of essays, illustrations, and cartoons about the always interesting, sometimes frustrating, and endlessly entertaining quirks of living in the Big Apple.

    Despite the notorious six-floor walk-ups and unrequited love found in all the wrong dive bars, the city's unique charm and irresistible allure keeps millions of residents—and starry-eyed millions more on their way—walking fast and talking faster. 
    New Yorker magazine contributor Ali Solomon offers an absurdist's eye and a satirist's pen, crafting a love letter to the greatest (or great-ish?) city in the world. I Love(ish) New York is the perfect gift for anyone who lives, left, loved, or dreamed of living in New York City.

    A PERFECT GIFT: This is great gift or self-purchase for anyone who lives in, has left, or is moving to New York City. Whether given as a graduation, housewarming, or moving present, 
    I Love(ish) New York is a relatable laugh for the millions who love (and love to hate) New York.

    EVERGREEN TOPIC: New York will always be absurd and wonderful to those who live or who have lived there. This book will resonate with its millions of residents.
    A LOVE LETTER TO NYC: Ali Solomon shares the ups and downs of living in New York as only a lifelong New Yorker can. From finding your first apartment to landing a job, romantic partner, and then facing the decision to hang tough or flee to the suburbs, Ali tackles the full lifecycle of the city dweller with heart and wit. New Yorkers of all ages and stages will be able to relate.

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