• Girlbomb: A Halfway Homeless Memoir by Janice Erlbaum (Paperback)


  • At fifteen, sick of her unbearable and increasingly dangerous home life, Janice Erlbaum walked out of her family’s Brooklyn apartment and didn’t look back. From her first frightening night at a shelter, Janice knew she was in over her head. She was beaten up, shaken down, and nearly stabbed by a pregnant girl. But it was still better than living at home. As Janice slipped further into street life, she nevertheless attended high school, harbored crushes, and even played the lead in the spring musical. She also roamed the streets, clubs, bars, and parks of New York City with her two best girlfriends, on the prowl for hard drugs and boys on skateboards. Together they scored coke at Danceteria, smoked angel dust in East Village squats, commiserated over their crazy mothers, and slept with one another’s boyfriends on a regular basis.

    A wry, mesmerizing portrait of being underprivileged, underage, and underdressed in 1980s New York City, Girlbomb provides an unflinching look at street life, survival sex, female friendships, and first loves.

    “A fast and engrossing read in the spirit of Girl, Interrupted.”
    –Entertainment Weekly

    “Gripping . . . a wry, compelling memoir of what it means to stand up for yourself, especially when no one else will.”

    “How satisfying to watch Erlbaum survive adolescence and produce a smart, engaging book.”
    –The New York Times Book Review

    “Erlbaum’s survival is hard-won, the journey rendered with page-turning intensity.”
    –New York Post

    “A fast and engrossing read in the spirit of Girl, Interrupted.”
    –Entertainment Weekly

    “Gritty . . . perversely riveting. You want her to survive.”
    –The Washington Post Book World

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