Current as of September 1, 2018

Weekday day rate for up to 5 people: $25 an hour
Weekday day rate for 6 or more people from 11AM until 6PM: $50 an hour
Weekday day early morning rate from 6AM until 11AM: $100 an hour
Saturday & Sunday day rate until 6PM: $100 an hour
Holiday rates $100 - 150 an hour, dependent on the holiday, date & start time.
*Night rate after 6PM: $250 an hour. NOTE: Are you producing a show that is ticketed and open to the public? Then please click here.

Available by the 1/2 hour with one hour rental minimum. A 50% non-refundable deposit is required at least 3 weeks in advance to guarantee the date. Please factor in the time you need to set up and break down your decorations when requesting a time for your party. Payment via cash or credit card is acceptable or online via PayPal to QEDAstoria@gmail.com

*Higher because we can't have our regularly scheduled shows. If you can adjust the start / end time to allow us to have a show or two, we will discount this rate accordingly. Are you producing a show that is ticketed and open to the public? Then please click here.

We work with three local caterers. To use one of our approved caterers, orders *must* come through Q.E.D. Give us a headcount and what food you're interested in and we'll make sure you have what you need!

* Andrew & Franks in Astoria. They’re terrific for heroes, pinwheels, pastas, salads and hot foods (lasagna, chicken fingers, meatballs, etc.). $10 delivery and set up fee. Utensils, tossed salad and bread, plates, sternos, etc. provided for orders of $250 or more. Sunday orders must be placed by the Friday before the party. Click here for menu.

* Sorriso's in Astoria. Piping hot, delicious trays of food plus sandwich and salad options. No delivery and they do no provide sternos, paper plates or utensils. That means either you must pick up and provide sternos yourself, or QED can arrange for delivery for $25 and sternos for $20. QED can provide trays and racks at no extra cost. Click here for menu

* Bimmy’s in Long Island City. They’re a bit pricier but terrific for platters of sandwiches, salads and cold dishes, variety platters of veggies, pastries, sandwiches, bagels and more. Click here for menu. 

* Michael & Angelo's in Astoria. They make great pizza and other hot italian dishes and salads. Click here for menu available. **NOTE: they have switched owners so this option might no longer be available. Please check back or inquire via email.**

You're welcome to choose your own caterer and bring in the outside food for a $100 fee. Outside drinks are not allowed except for water bottles, juice boxes and 2-liters of sodas. You would have to provide your own ice and cups. No outside alcohol is permitted.

There is NO FEE for your dessert. No ice cream cakes are allowed unless you are prepared to eat them immediately (we don't have the freezer space) and please bring your own knife. Those things are rock hard so give it time to thaw!

We offer beer & wine, coffee and teas and wide variety of delicious non-alcoholic drinks. You can have a cash bar (our prices are very affordable at $4 - $7 beers, $7 wine and draught pitchers and wine bottles available, too). Click here for our menu.

For an open bar, we can run a tab. If you want to make sure you don't spend too much at the bar, we can limit it to certain drinks and/or cap it at whatever price you're comfortable with then make it cash bar thereafter. We can also order certain beers to suit your taste*. 18% gratuity will be added to all tabs.

*Custom beer selection requires one week advance notice and pre-payment of the cost of beer.

Since we're a performance space, we have a very nice sound system and easy tech set up to play your favorite music, plus three microphones. We also have the ability to stream on our TVs if you want to play a video or slideshow. If you have tech requests beyond simple music / playlist and a PowerPoint or slideshow, you might need a dedicated tech person. QED techs are paid $20 an hour, or you can bring your own with a scheduled tech rehearsal. 

If you’d like to play your own music, you can easily plug your phone into our sound system. 

If you’d like to stream a photo slideshow to our Apple TV, you can easily mirror your Apple device. Just make sure you have the photos setup in a photo album to play a slideshow!

*Tech requests MUST be pre-approved and tested at least 48 hours in advance. 

You are responsible for your own tablecloths and decorations.

We have plenty of tables and chairs.

We have 14 square tables about 30" square and three 2x4 ft tables we use for buffet service.

ABSOLUTELY NO GLITTER OR CONFETTI OF ANY KIND PLEASE! Nothing can be hung on the walls with anything other than tape. Please factor in the time you need to set up and break down your decorations when requesting a time for your party.

Anything else we missed? Just drop us an email at QEDAstoria@gmail.com.


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