QED Technical Specifications

To review tech in person, you must schedule an appointment. Drop-ins will not be accommodated.

* Our maximum legal capacity is 74. This includes Q.E.D. staff, comps and performers, so keep that in mind when booking your show and deciding on a ticket price.

* No outside food or drink is allowed. This applies to *everyone*. Producers & performers, teachers, audience, everyone.

* If you require anything beyond our three onstage microphones or simple house music before the show, please have someone in your crew review tech to handle blackouts, music cues, videos, etc. We do not have a dedicated tech for shows, only a door person who can direct you to the tech booth. Please let your performers know this before they arrive for your show.

* QED has four microphones (up to 6 can be made available with advance notice), two regular stands and two boom mike stands.

* Six (6) XLR connections on three (3) channels are on stage can be used for microphones, a DI box, etc.

* QED has two DI boxes with two 1/4" inputs to connect instruments to the sound board.

* There is one "God" mic in the tech booth.

* The LED light board and control for one spotlight for lighting cues & blackouts are located in the tech booth.

* To record audio or connect to our sound board, you must bring your own recording device and cords. Sound board info: https://harbingerproaudio.com/lx12-12-channel-mixer-with-bluetooth-fx-usb/

* Sound cues are easy but you must have someone to hit play for you. Also very easy. Music can be played through Spotify or Amazon or YouTube or by emailing us the track. If you can't share the track or playlist with us, you can use your own mobile device via a simple auxiliary (headphone jack) connection in the tech booth. If you have a newer iPhone or other type of non-headphone jack plugin, please make sure you bring a headphone jack adapter (a dongle or whatever adapter you need). 

* Videos, slideshows, PowerPoints, etc., are streamed to our TV through Apple TV or via a direct connect to our projector which projects to a 9' manual projection screen on stage. Projector is NOT advised if you're presenting on stage during the screening as you'll be standing in front of the projection! Projector is ideal for movie screenings.

* Q.E.D. has a house DVD player, laptop and iPad available for use upon advance request.

* Q.E.D. has an 88-key Alesis Recital Grand and a Yamaha PSRE243 61-Key Portable Keyboard along with 2 keyboard stands, one keyboard stool and one sustain pedal available for use upon advance request. 

* Q.E.D. has dozens of stools and tables, two music stands, one guitar stand, one regular & two boom mic stands and a keyboard stool and stand.

* There is a small, mostly private backstage area with a full-length mirror, multiple outlets and coat hooks.