Reference Guide for Producing at Q.E.D.

Updated and current as of JULY 2023
Below is a quick reference guide of critical info on producing at QED.
Please review it before emailing. 
Email & cc: with questions.
* Do not post fliers for your event anywhere on public property! It is illegal. The Department of Sanitation can fine you up to $200 per poster, which will be your responsibility to pay.

Saturday or Sunday matinees
The first $50 in ticket sales goes to Q.E.D. The remainder is split 50/50. Producers guarantee the 1st $50 in sales.

Sunday, Wednesday & Thursday
The first $75 in ticket sales goes to Q.E.D. The remainder is split 50/50. Producers guarantee the 1st $75 in sales.

Friday & Saturday nights at or after 6PM
The first $125 in ticket sales goes to Q.E.D. The remainder is split 50/50. Producers guarantee the 1st $125 in sales.

General rule is 1st $125 in ticket sales to QED then 100% of sales to the charity. You can raise extra money via raffle tickets, merch sales or auctions, too! We are limited to about 2 charitable events a month, give or take. 

***Producers who need to cancel less than four weeks before their confirmed show date will be required to pay their guarantee in full. 14 days or less will result in a $200 kill fee; 7 days or less, $375 kill fee. ***

Producers are allotted five (5) complimentary tickets. These comps do not count as paid tickets when meeting a guarantee.

Members of the press, photographers & videographers are comped & don't count against your comp list, however we still need their names in advance.

Names for the comp list should be submitted on the day of the event, at least 2 hours prior to the start time. 

* We offer one complimentary drink per show for the host to use at their discretion. No outside food or beverage is allowed at Q.E.D. Please remind your performers and audience of this. Q.E.D. can remain open and affordable only by the purchases made. Q.E.D. offers beer, wine, ciders & low proof rum, vodka and tequila. For n/a drinks we have coffee, tea, fancy sodas & more. We also offer a variety of fresh pastries and snacks and hot foods from Zorba's. If you have a food and/or drink element as part of your show, you must get pre-approval. 

A complete list of our tech equipment & capabilities:

If you require anything *beyond* our four onstage microphones, simple house music, playing a music cue from a phone or mirroring to AppleTV let us know. We might need to you review tech in person. It's super simple, though.

We do not have a dedicated tech for shows, only a door person who can direct you to the tech booth. Please let your performers know this before they arrive for your show. You or someone on the show will need to handle your sound cues, etc.

* To review tech in person, you must schedule an appointment. Email to set up a time. Drop-ins will not be accommodated.

* There is a full basement with a couch, dining tables, keyboard, amp and private dressing area for $10 an hour. Reserve it here: