• The Q.E.D. "Baby" Registry

    Lots of friends and strangers, too, suggested we start a registry much like a baby shower. We did and, wow! Huge thanks to so many folks for donating new and used equipment and such to help get the Q.E.D. doors open for learning and laughter. The registry is being constantly updated as we get closer to opening. Check it out here: The target date for QED's grand opening is David Lee Roth's 60th birthday because, duh, he's the Patron Saint of Performing. That might be a *smidge* optimistic, but we'll be celebrating his birthday regardless. Oh! We should have an...

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  • Calling All Creative Types!

    Q.E.D. is creating a database of performers, comedians, writers, songwriters, poets, and creative types who can perform, host a show and/or teach a class. Chances are, if you're excited to teach it, someone wants to learn it!  CLASS BASICSGenerally classes are 90 minutes each and one session. Of course, exceptions always apply. Actually there are a lot of exceptions, but short and sweet and affordable is great for everyone. Teaching experience is a huge bonus, or at the very least, experience talking in front of a group. Let us know your background when you email us at CLASSES WE'RE MOST INTERESTED...

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