• Spend July 3rd at QED!

    Spend July 4th weekend the way it was meant to be spent! At QED of course!

    On Sunday, July 3rd, we will start the day out with a FREE potluck at noon in our newly renovated backyard. Stick around after for our first ever Doggy Talent Show at 2pm!

    Comedian? Make some use of the holiday weekend and try out your new bits at our regularly scheduled Bunk Bed Open Mic.

    Comedian with questions? Stick around after the mic for our famous AMA Live! Panelists will include Kambri Crews (Owner of QED, Award-winning author) Armando Diaz (Founder of Magnet Theater) and Joe Zimmerman (Comedy Central.)

    Then yes! We have even more! Lyssa Mandel is bringing us her latest installment of "The Bitch Seat" where performers re-live their adolescence right on the QED stage by reading their old diaries aloud. Remember 17 Magazine's embarrassing moments section? It's sort of like that but way funnier.

    And last but certainly not least, on July 3rd at 9:30PM, we will be hosting a very special edition of "The Jim Gaffigan Show" watch party. The episode that airs on this night will feature an appearance by our very own Christian Finnegan and largely features QED as a major plot point.

    For a full list of all these events, click here.
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