Welcome to Q.E.D.'s very own first annual TWO-PROV TOURNAMENT! This exciting new series of events will bring together improv teams from all over the city. Teams of two will compete for the glorious title of the best two-prov team in NYC and arguably the world! (Technically it's just QED, but for our purposes, this is the world!) Each round will be carefully judged by a panel of expert judges chosen from the improv and entertainment community and not so carefully judged by the AUDIENCE. Prizes will include CA$H, Swag, trophies, honor, and glory. (See all the gory details below.)

    Competition/Show dates are as follows:*
    Preliminary Round #1: Tuesday, September 29th @ 9pm 
    Preliminary Round #2: Wednesday, September 30th @ 9pm
    Semi-Finals: Wednesday, October 14th @ 9pm
    Finale: Saturday, October 24th @ 9pm

    *All teams that register must be available for at least one preliminary round in addition to the semi and final rounds.

    Registration form/link here: SOLD OUT
    ***Please enter your team's name in the "Additional Comments" section at checkout when purchasing your spot in the competition. 

    By registering for this event, all team members agree and acknowledge that they have read and agree to the below Rules.


    PARTICIPANTS & TEAMS:   The Two-prov Tournament is open to any and all participants over the age of eighteen. The tournament is “long-form” improv. You can only get one suggestion from the audience. No gameprov or short-form. All team members must be human. Any person needed to perform is considered a team member. Participants are responsible for any laws that govern their participation and eligibility to receive prizes for participation in tournament.

    Improvisers may only enter once.  If you appear on more than one roster, the team entering at a later time will be disqualified.  

    Registration goes live promptly on Friday, August 28th at 1pm EST.

    If the tournament is not full by this date, registration is closed on Tuesday, September 15th at 5PM EST.

    Teams will receive their preliminary show date on or before Wednesday, September 16th.

    If you cannot register online through the QED website, please visit us at 27-16 23rd Avenue, Astoria, NY 11105 to register in person.

    A team that advances to the semi-final and final rounds must include the same members that performed in the preliminary rounds. Teams may have no substitutions. (That’s half the team changing!)

    FEE: There is an entry fee of $20 per team due when you register. This fee is nonrefundable. This contest will remain open to registration until we are unable to accommodate any further registrants. We will close registration when sixteen teams have registered.

    PLEASE NOTE: Preliminary rounds, semi-final and final rounds are set. These dates are Tuesday and Wednesday, September 29th and 30thWednesday, October 14th, and Saturday, October 24th. Please do not enter if you and your teammate cannot attend on these dates. We will not refund the registration fee for date conflicts.

    ROUNDS: There will be two rounds prior to the finals. All registrants will participate in the preliminary rounds on either September 29 and 30, 2015. The top four teams from each night will advance to the semi-final round on October 14th . Sets will be judged by a panel of qualified judges as well as audience vote. The top two judges' picks and top two audience picks will advance to the next round. 

    Preliminary sets will be a minimum of six (6) minutes and a maximum of ten (10). The actual length will be determined by the number of teams participating each night.

    Semi-final round sets will be  eight (8)- twelve (12) minutes in length.

    Final round sets will be fifteen (15) minutes in length.

    JUDGES/SKILLS & AUDIENCE VOTE: This is a contest of skill. The first preliminary rounds will be decided by audience vote entirely. Each audience member receives two votes. To prevent favoritism, all audience members must vote for two separate teams. If an audience member votes for just one team, their vote will not count. For the semi-final and final, to further evaluate skills & talent, we will have a panel of judges who will be scoring the teams on a scale of 1-5 in three areas: Technical Merit, Artistry, and Comic Ability. The scores are then averaged to produce the team’s composite score. Brief amounts of verbal feedback will be offered during the semi-final and final shows from the judges. During the semi-final and final shows, audience votes will be counted alongside the Judges’ scores. In these rounds, the top two teams based on judges’ score and top two as voted by the audience will advance. In the event of overlap, the producers will use audience vote, and judges’ score to determine ranking of remaining teams.

    PRIZES: The prize break down for the finalists is:

    Judges’ 1st place – $60, bragging rights photo to be displayed at Q.E.D.

    Audience 1st place- $60, bragging rights photo to be displayed at Q.E.D.

    All finalists will receive official prints of the Two-Prov poster along with TBD swag and trophies. Stay tuned for updates on prizes from local venues!

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