• Throwback Collection!

    Ahhh, the 80's. A simple time, when synthesizer flooded the airwaves, everything smelled of aerosol, and life was filled with excellent adventures. You said you were never gonna give it up, and now you don't have to - because we're celebrating all things throwback with our TBT Collection! 

    Kicking things off is "Takin U Back: 1985" on Friday, May 29th at 8pm, for $10.
    Join Robb Leigh Davis and Jenn Wehrung as they bring their acclaimed show to QED and transport you 30 (yes, 30) years into the past. 1985 gave us so much - The Golden Girls, We are the World, THE BREAKFAST CLUB - and it's time show it some love. Jenn, Robb, and other special guests will do so with cabaret, sketch, reenactment, and YOUR audience participation. 
    Plus, tag us @QEDAstoria in your #TBT photo on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram now through 5/21 and you'll be entered to win two free tickets to Takin U Back!
    This will be followed by "Everything I Needed to Know about Bioethics I Learned from The Golden Girls" on Friday, June 19th at 7pm for $6. 
    Not only were they fabulously sassy, Dorothy, Blanche, Rose and Sophia were also way ahead of their time. The Golden Girls addressed complex issues like in vitro fertilization, human enhancement, the HIV/AIDS epidemic and stigmatization, organ donation, sexual health, body modification, end-of-life issues, and cryopreservation well before they were the huge  conversations that they are today. 
    Bioethicist Dr. Elizabeth Yuko (@elizabethics) will discuss bioethics through clips and case studies from The Golden Girls. Make the ladies really proud and stop by beforehand for our Happy Hour drink specials!
    Finally, The Soundtrack Series: Goth Edition on Saturday, June 22nd at 8pm, for $5! 
    The critically-acclaimed podcast is back this month with David Crabb, author of Bad Kid: A Memoir; his story about growing up as a gay, goth teen in Texas. Crabb will be joined by other performers and writers who tell the hilarious or heart wrenching stories and memories they forever associate with a song from their past. Make sure you load on the eyeliner - because this month is solely focused on the goth scene.  
    So brace yourselves, because the past has yet to come. 
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