• Get to Know the Hosts: You Deserve It! Edition

    Ariel Elias and Liz Magee host You Deserve It! this Saturday (3/14) at 7PM. Only $5!


    Ariel answers a few questions about how she met Liz and what makes their show standout.

    How did you two meet?
    Technically, the first time we met was at a show in New Orleans where I was living and Liz was visiting, but I don't count it because I don't remember it. Liz insists it happened, though. Our actual friendship began at an open mic in August. I had just moved to New York, and Liz came up to me after to ask if I remembered her (I didn't). But we hit it off and decided to ride together to the next mic. That's how I made my first and best friend in New York.
    What made you decide to do a show together?
    I think we realized we were very different, but we play off of each other really well. We're both good at different things, and that works well for producing a show. I love having a show, something that can be your own, something you can control in your career, and Liz happens to be a really amazing partner.
    What sets You Deserve It! apart from other shows and/or what's your favorite part about your show?
    Two things. I like that we book fewer comics to give them more time on stage. Ten minute sets feel so rare in New York, even at really great shows, but it's a different experience watching a comic who you know has great material actually get to settle in on stage.
    The other thing is Liz and I make a point to showcase as many different types of comics as possible. A lot of shows will maybe have one woman, one black guy, and the rest are white guys. We try to have as many voices and scenes represented in one show as possible.
  • You Deserve It! A stand up comedy show just for you. You work hard. Like, really hard. To show our appreciation, we have assembled some of our favorite comics to make you laugh as hard as you work. It's the least we can do.
    Hosted by Ariel Elias and Liz Magee and featuring:

    Zach Sims (MTV)
    May Wilkerson (Huffington Post)
    Christi Chiello (Seeing Other People)
    Bob Hansen (I Don't Belong Here)
    Sally Brooks (Best Buds of Comedy)
    With musical guest Kaylyn Marie Scardefield

    Lineups subject to change.
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