• This Week at QED: Hearts and Crafts

    Whether you love it, you hate it, or you love to hate it, you can’t ignore Valentines Day. We’ve got a boat-load of classes, shows and events this week to fill your hearts desire.

    Monday, February 9th: Closed for Renovations
              In an effort to become even more beautiful, we'll be closed this Monday. Keep your eyes peeled for the changes! 
                Comedian, VH1 talking head, and all-around nice guy Christian Finnegan returns for “New Release Day” - a night of debut comedy from some of NYC’s best. This month will feature: Rachel Feinstein (Comedy Central Presents), Leslie Goshko (Storyteller from The Moth, Risk!), Joe List ("Late Show with David Letterman”) and Jeff Maurer (Writer for HBO's "Last Week Tonight with John Oliver").

    Wednesday, February 11th: Storytelling for Business - 6:30 pm

             Liven up the boardroom! During this workshop, you’ll learn how to present an interesting and effective story for a business presentation. Andrew Linderman will work with each student individually to craft the most appropriate story for his or her industry.  

    Thursday, February 12th: Talk Therapy, 7:00 pm  

              When Talk Therapy is in town, everyone is in for an emotional, enlightening, and deeply (even darkly) funny evening. Lori Baird hosts Danny Artese, David Lawson, and Jeffrey Joseph as they talk about their experiences with therapy. After the headliners perform, the stage turns into an open mic where YOU can tell your story. Last month’s show sold out, so make sure to buy your tickets in advance

              Movies, commercials, fad dances, history - nothing is safe from the Big Quiz Thing! Come to the multimedia trivia game - hosted by the hilarious Noah Tarnow - alone, with a friend, or a whole team.

    Saturday, February 14th: Hearts and Crafts

              Saturday is packed with back-to-back-to-back classes and shows in honor of Valentines Day. We couldn’t pick just one to highlight, so here’s the whole list! (Pssst...any of these would make a great gift!)

    DIY Facials and Tea Satchels: 11:00 am

              Wake up and refresh! In this class you’ll learn how to make face masks and exfoliations using household products. We’ve timed it perfectly so you can feel au naturele and beautiful in time for Valentines...night.

    Tarot Card 101: 12:00 pm 

              An angel, a bridge, a pack of children, what does it all mean? Tracey Petrillo will take you through the history and basic symbolism of the 78 card deck. You’re welcome to bring your own deck, or if you don’t have one, a notebook and a pen.

    Tarot Love Readings - by appointment only 

             Love is in the air, and maybe, in your future? After you learn the basics of tarot cards, stick around for a personalized 30 minute love reading for 2015. These are by appointment only, so advance sign-up is necessary.

    Intro to Crochet - Valentines Edition: 1:00 pm

              Everyone knows that if you’re looking to score some points with your Valentine, a homemade gift is the way to go. This specialized class will go over making - you guessed it - heart-shaped patterns that can be made into ear warmers, or kept as pendants for the one you admire. The $15 ticket price includes a needle and yarn.

               In this class, you’ll learn how to make your own bracelet or necklace from metalsmith/jewelry designer Anna Harper. When the class is done, you’ll walk away with two pieces of jewelry, so the bang is definitely worth the buck.



    Makeup Tutorial: 4:30 pm  

              Find out everything you didn’t know about foundation, bronzer, liquid eyeliner, and eyeshadow techniques from an expert. Makeup artist Mollie Parks will give you advice specifically catered for your face and makeup regime - and this type of attention can’t be found in a youtube video. By the end, you’ll feel beautiful just in time for your big night out (or in).

    Comedy + Love = A Show: 7:00 pm

              Join these hilarious couples as they pair up to talk about love and relationships on stage. The line up includes: Brendan Eyre + Megan Gailey, Ashley Brooke Roberts + Nick Maritato, and Chris Laker + Jacqueline Novak. 

              After dinner, come by to see one of the most popular shows at QED. This love-centered show will feature Selena Coppock (VH1, College Humor, The Moth), Darryl Knight (Comedy Central, CNN), Ben Conrad (Cranky Pants Comedy). Casey Balsham, Alex English, and sketches from two improv groups. Thats a whole lotta comedy!


    Sunday, February 15th: Wine and Cheese Tasting 5:00 pm

              Unleash your inner connoisseur! This class will focus on an introduction to evaluating and tasting magically delicious wines and cheeses. It's inexpensive, informative, and very tasty fun.
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