• Now Showing: Artprov

    Now Showing: ARTPROV

              What do a flamingo, a giraffe, and a cab-driving ape have in common? Well, nothing really. But they are all subjects of the newest art piece hanging in QED, and that’s got to count for something.

              The untitled painting was created last Tuesday night during a performance by the artistically-inclined improv group, Artprov. You might recognize the artist, Brandon Sines, from his Frank Ape character, who makes a cameo in the piece. Even if you’re not familiar with the NYC art world, you can appreciate the selfless passion that each performer puts into Artprov. It’s undeniably smart, and really, really fun.

             Aided by Artie, their outspoken host (who is also a wooden puppet), Artprov bases their sketches off of a featured artists work, rather than on suggestions from the audience. In turn, the artist creates a new, personalized piece based on the performance. This cycle adds sense of contextualization that, as an audience member, makes you feel like you’re part of something.

              It’s not just the creativity that makes them different - it’s also their commitment to the community. You see, proceeds from the purchase of every Artprov piece go to a childrens-specific charity. Sines’ QED creation will benefit The 52nd Street Project, an organization that brings theater to inner-city children.

              You don’t need an excuse to go see Artprov, but if you did, you could call it community service. Just by showing up to watch, you’re making a difference. But come prepared, because an evening with Artprov is colorful, in every sense of the word.

    To purchase the painting hanging at QED, email Rory Scholl at and make a bid. Or, click here to make your own donation to the 52nd Street Project.
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