• Calling All Creative Types!

    Q.E.D. is creating a database of performers, comedians, writers, songwriters, poets, and creative types who can perform, host a show and/or teach a class.

    Chances are, if you're excited to teach it, someone wants to learn it! 

    Generally classes are 90 minutes each and one session. Of course, exceptions always apply. Actually there are a lot of exceptions, but short and sweet and affordable is great for everyone. Teaching experience is a huge bonus, or at the very least, experience talking in front of a group. Let us know your background when you email us at

    We love learning about a myriad of topics. We're most interested in things pertaining to arts & crafts, DIY projects, history, food, the performing arts, writing and Queens. 

    We also love classes relevant to current events like pumpkin carving for Halloween, Poetry 101 before Valentine's Day, Civil Rights Movement during Black History Month, Greek Mythology during Greek Heritage Month and…well…you get the picture.

    Here's a list of stuff that's on our wish list now, but don't give up simply because you don't see your class idea listed. We're open to all sorts of stuff. Okay, here's the list:

    Arts & Crafts of every type
    History of Queens (or any of its neighborhoods, especially Astoria & LIC!)
    Handwriting Fonts / Calligraphy 
    T-shirt upcylcling (make my boxy Van Halen concert tee cute, please!)
    Balloon twisting
    Face Painting
    Henna Tattoos
    Pumpkin Carving
    Game tutorials (poker, D&D, Carcassonne, etc.)
    Star Gazing for Dummies (like us!)
    Breaking into the Stand Up Comedy Business
    Knitting or Crocheting
    Felt Soap
    Paper Mache 
    Container gardening
    Ukrainian Easter Egg Design

    As working actors & writers, it's important to us that teachers & producers get paid for their time. "Exposure" doesn't pay the rent. We hope to keep classes affordable, varied, and accessible while respecting everyone's value and experience.

    If you've never taught a class before, we ask that you teach as a volunteer your first time. 

    Again, there are always exceptions and we want to accommodate everyone the best we can. Email us and let us know what you've got in mind!


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