• StandUpTown @ Q.E.D.


  • StandUptown is coming to Q.E.D Astoria. From the UES to Astoria, co-hosts Jeff Dylan and Aidan Kelly curate diverse and engaging line-ups ideal for brave audiences ready for crowd work. Past line ups have included Co-hosts Jeff Dylan’s and Aidan Kelly, NYC club regulars & headliners!

    The Lineup*!
    Divya Gunasekaran
    Amy Walsh
    Idris Alton
    Tim McHale
    Katie Heneghan
    Aidan Kelly
    Jeff Dylan
    *Lineups subject to change.

    NOTE: To purchase tickets you will need to affirm that you have read and agree to the QED policy here: https://qedastoria.com/pages/covid-guidelines
  • $ 10.00

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