• Funny Women of a Certain Age: Storytelling


  • Women of a Certain Age have some stories to tell. Some funny, some poignant, all full of heart. Join Carole Montgomery, the creator of the Showtime series, and her eloquent friends as they regal you with lessons learned.

    Vicky Kuperman 
    Leighann Lord 
    Iris Bahr 
    Kambri Crews

    *Lineups subject to change

    What began as a fun way to work with her friends has exploded into a comedy brand of its own. When Carole Montgomery (a stand up comedy veteran of over 40 years) started in the business, you would never see two female comics on the same show. Fast forward to today’s comedy scene and nothing has changed, even though there are way more women in comedy.

    WOACA was created to give older women comics a chance to be seen and be heard. Frustrated by how women are portrayed in show business once they hit the age of 50, Carole decided to do something about it. It was only a few years ago that she had the idea to create a show that would travel to different cities and showcase a rotating cast of older female comedians. In no time at all, Carole’s idea became a Showtime special that made history and broke ratings records. It was Showtime’s highest rated premiere of a stand up show in 2019! Two more specials followed and a national tour is now being planned.

    The women who appear in WOACA are all brilliant, funny, and vibrant – and it just so happens that they are all of a certain age. These are the women who paved the way – blazed the trail – for the female comedians you see performing today.

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