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  • An intersectional feminist reading and discussion group in Astoria, Queens, NYC

    Visit the Astoria Feminist Book Group at astoriafeministbookgroup.com for more including book selections. Purchase books from The Astoria Bookshop right here in Queens or via Bookshop.org which supports small, indy bookstores across the USA.

    We've been looking for a contemporary Greek novel for a long time, and are excited to name Amanda Michalopoulou's "Why I Killed My Best Friend" as our selection to kick off an exciting new year.

    Please join us at noon on Saturday, January 21 at QED

    We’re a book discussion group established in the winter of 2017 in the wake of the Women’s March. Our focus is on an intersectional exploration of women’s rights and status worldwide. 

    We choose books that offer insights into the lives of women all over the world—across classes, castes, race, and gender and sexual identity. Through our reading and discussions, we hope to broaden our understanding of others’ experiences so that our responses and interactions with the world become better informed and more just.

    Political discussion is not off-limits in this approach, so come ready to dig into diverse perspectives and ideas. While our primary focus is on the book, we also talk about how the narrative fits into, reflects, or informs what we see happening in the world today and how we can become active agents of positive change.

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Astoria Feminist Book Group

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