QED mics are, "The best open mics in the city!" -- Time Out New York

WE CANNOT STRESS THIS ENOUGH:  Do not bring in outside food or beverage. Check our calendar before you trek out. 

Comedians, poets, musicians, storytellers, performers of ALL types are welcome to perform for 4 minutes (+/- depending on turnout)! Lottery style, 1st come, 1st serve.

Check our calendar for dates & times and to make sure the mic is still on the schedule as sometimes they are bumped for private parties or special events. 

Do NOT bring in outside food or beverage.

OPEN MIC SCHEDULE (Check our calendar before trekking out!)
WED @ 6pm (sign up at 5:30)
WED late mic summer schedule @ 9:45PM (sign up at 9:30) 
THU @ 6pm (sign up at 5:30)
THU @ 10:45PM (sign up at 10:30)
FRI @ 5pm (sign up at 4:30)
SUN at 5PM (sign up at 4:30)
1st SAT @ 3PM (signup at 2:45PM)  - Monthly poetry, spoken word and singer/songwriter/acoustic open mic. Please no stand up comedy or storytelling. 


WE CANNOT STRESS THIS ENOUGH:  Do not bring in outside food or beverage. Check our calendar before you trek out. 


Our open mics are free to watch or perform after making any purchase from QED. Do not bring in outside food or beverage. Making a purchase helps keeps our open mics free. We have items as low as $2.

To perform, sign ups are in person and first come, first serve. All who sign up in person, get to perform approximately 3-5 mins of stage time. That can vary depending on the mic & how many people show but 4 mins is a safe bet.

When you sign up, your name is entered into a bucket and drawn at random. Sign up usually begins 1/2 hour before posted show time. Above is our *usual* schedule of weekly open mics. Again, our calendar is your friend. 

We are more than happy to have you perform with backing tracks by emailing us the link your track (email will be provided when you check in). If you don't have a link to email, you can plug your phone into our sound system, but you MUST let the hosts know before the show so they can accommodate you. Late arrivals will not be accommodated.

It's a small space with great acoustics. But if you do still need to plug in to the sound system bring your own quarter inch cable to plug in to our DI box which is accessible on stage.

Bruce got it at The Stone Pony, The Ramones got it at CBGB's, and Susan Boyle got it on Britain's Got Talent - everybody has to get their start somewhere. Yours could be at QED, if you've got the guts to get up on stage, that is. 

And please don't start with the excuses, because they're all the same. 

"I'm too nervous," "I don't know how," "What if I suck?" 

Well, don't be, LEARN, and honestly? Yeah, you might. 

But you'll get honest feedback, practice, and a rush for sure. 

If the spotlight isn't your dig, don't fret; just come hang out. They're all free or cheap & our food & drink is priced to please the wallet.