• PR & Marketing 101!


  • Producer, publicist and writer Kambri Crews has taught this workshop dozens of times since and the feedback and results are always phenomenal.

    You're a performer, writer, artist, business owner, musician, athlete, you name it and you want to be noticed for how awesome you (and/or your work) are? 

    You must toot your own horn loudly and often. 

    This 1.5 - 2 hour workshop* taught by publicist and producer Kambri Crews will give dozens of very practical, easy to follow tips and ideas ranging from how to write a press release, who to contact at media outlets and how to build a "platform". You'll also receive various samples of press releases & "pitch" letters Kambri has used to promote her personal appearances, her memoir and clients. You'll talk about pitching the media, using social media, keeping track of your contacts and so much more. *Depending on the number of questions during the event. Plus we'll have 30 minutes afterward that is pure Q&A.


    If Kambri Crews offers her public relations course again, I'd highly recommend it! I took one course at NYU and she helped tailor what I already knew towards pitching entertainment. She super knows what she's doing. Very valuable information. - Billy P

    I have a background in PR and Marketing, but marketing my own projects has always been a challenge. Kambri broke down the ins and outs in a way that I could easily map out my next steps. I'm looking forward to putting what I learned (and what I already knew) into practice in a new way! --- Katie C.,

    Kambri's PR & Marketing 101 Class is jam-packed with detailed information on getting the word out there, effective means of communication and organization, and clever tips to reach the media contacts that are right for you and your project. Kambri is an experienced communicator and this workshop helped me become one, too. Highly recommended for anyone with a brand and a small budget." - Peter M., Producer & Solo Performer in NYC

    Kambri was extremely welcoming and generous, even sharing personal stories that backed up the theory behind the marketing/PR class. The mark of a good teacher, she was interested in each of our backgrounds and how she could make the class more personalized and helpful to each of us." - Kelly M., Astoria

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