• 06/14/2019
    7:30 - 9:00PM
    Christian Finnegan's "World's 2nd Best Taste in Music" Trivia Contest

    Christian Finnegan

  • Christian Finnegan's "WORLD'S 2nd BEST TASTE IN MUSIC" Contest
    Trivia  competition and record release party
    As you are no doubt aware, Christian Finnegan has spent two-plus decades traveling the world, bringing laughter to dozens. What you may not know is that Christian also has the World's Best Taste in Music*. The question is, who has the world's *second* best taste in music? COULD IT BE YOU??
    To celebrate the release of Christian's brand new standup album "60% JOKING", QED will host the first annual "WORLD'S 2nd BEST TASTE IN MUSIC" trivia contest. This will be a pub trivia-style event with questions based entirely on Christian Finnegan's sterling and unassailable personal taste.
    Categories will include:
    • The MTV era
    • Angry stuff
    • Funk and R&B
    • Classic Rock/Power Pop
    • Music for Sensitivos
    • Stuff people make fun of but is actually good
    • Stuff people love but actually stinks
    Amazing prizes! Head-to-head competitions! Free copies of Christian Finnegan's new album "60% JOKING"!
    Come to QED and prove yourself 2nd Best.
    * Citation needed
  • $ 7.00

06/14/2019 <BR>7:30 - 9:00PM <BR>Christian Finnegan's "World's 2nd Best Taste in Music" Trivia Contest

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