• Word Dominoes -lPlay with Pictures - Win with Words


    • A MUST-HAVE GAME FOR WORD LOVERS: Like Haikubes, Rory’s Story Cubes, and Bananagrams, this creative new game for word lovers invites players to create words and phrases by linking images and score points by matching what other players are thinking.
    • A NEW, CREATIVE DOMINOES GAME: A spin on the dominoes format, these visual dominoes combine in unlimited combos to make up unexpected phrases that are fun to guess. It's the "what words do you see?" party game great for three or more players.
    • PUZZLE BOARD GAMES: The satisfying, tactile feel of playing with dominoes meets the creative puzzle solving of word games. The open-ended nature of the gameplay means that every person you play with brings new ideas and associations.
    • PERFECT FOR GROUPS: An eye-catching party game, Word Dominoes will captivate voracious word nerds looking for the perfect game for social gatherings. Word Dominoes offers a chance to start a conversation with your friends, and see the world from a slightly different perspective.
    • CONTENTS: With 42 dominoes, 84 images, and unlimited connections, every game is packed with unexpected associations and hilarious combinations.
  • $ 24.95

Word Dominoes -lPlay with Pictures - Win with Words

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