• 05/14/2017
    2:00 - 3:00PM
    Wicked Mothers: A Dark Celebration of Mother’s Day

    Marie Carter

  • The origins of Mother’s Day are darkly tragic so why not take a look at the darker side of Mother’s Day? This lecture will take you on a historical “tour” of what might be considered some of the worst mothers from history that will leave you with a new appreciation of your own dear mom. Murderers? Check. Sociopaths? Check. Abusers? Check. The stories will range from mildly suffocating to downright horrifying. Mother-in-laws included, too!

    Marie Carter is a writer, editor, and tour guide who hails from Scotland. She is a tour guide with Boroughs of the Dead, a macabre and ghostly historical walking tour company. She designed and leads the tour “Haunting Histories and Legends of Astoria.” She is also the author of The Trapeze Diaries and the editor of Word Jig: New Fiction from Scotland. Please check out her tours at www.boroughsofthedead.com.


  • $ 10.00

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