• 03/30/2019
    7:00 - 9:00PM
    Two-Prov Tournament SEMI-FINALS ROUND

    Q.E.D. - A Place to Show & Tell

  • Welcome to Q.E.D.'s third ever TWO-PROV TOURNAMENT! This exciting series of events will bring together improv teams from all over the city. Teams of two will compete for the glorious title of the best two-prov team in NYC and arguably the world! (Technically it's just QED, but this is *our* world!) Each round will be carefully judged by a panel of expert judges chosen from the improv and entertainment community and not so carefully judged by the AUDIENCE. Prizes will include CA$H, Swag, trophies, honor, and glory. (See all the gory details below.)

    Featuring Your Semi-finalists

    *Each audience member must vote for TWO teams. It's the spirit of two-prov and keep things fair. ;)

  • $ 5.00

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