• 06/21/2017
    9:00 - 11:00PM
    Two-Prov Tournament SEMI-FINALS ROUND

    Q.E.D. - A Place to Show & Tell

  • Welcome to Q.E.D.'s very own second annual TWO-PROV TOURNAMENT! This exciting series of events will bring together improv teams from all over the city. Teams of two will compete for the glorious title of the best two-prov team in NYC and arguably the world! The teams you will see at the semi-finals have already climbed their way to victory. Help them make that extra step to the glorious final round! This round's winners will be determined by audience vote as well as a panel of expert judges.  Prizes will include CA$H, Swag, trophies, honor, and glory. You don't want to miss this!

    Featuring Your Semi-finalists

    *Each audience member must vote for TWO teams. It's the spirit of two-prov and keep things fair. ;)

  • $ 5.00

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