• Hosted by Levi Penley with improv from Skip Intro and Untitled
    Levi Penley is an Actor/writer/comedian with credits across this great nation in musicals, dramas, and even musical dramas. He is a co-creator of The Cheep Show as seen on YouTube. For The Drunk Texts, Levi penned his own Shakespearean adaptation of Independence Day, and also co-wrote the first Harry Potter film into iambic pentameter. He can be seen around Astoria walking Zoe, who is a good girl.

    Did you make the mistake of leaving your house when you’d really rather be watching TV? Skip Intro is the long-running improv team you won’t be able to stop watching. One lucky audience member tells us about their favorite tv show, and we reenact it (whether we’ve seen it or not).

    An entire cinematic experience delivered in 20 minutes that will have you asking, “why am I paying to go to movies anyway?” Untitled takes any word and transforms into a poster for a new feature film. Do you love collaborative screenplays but hate those pesky screens? You’re gonna love Untitled!

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  • $ 7.00


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