• 09/07/2016
    9:00 - 10:30PM
    Truth Serum: The Morning Show at Night Edition

    Zoe Yellen

  • Truth Serum, originated as a late night talk show turned podcast, is back for a one night only interactive wild spectacular. There will be guests, prizes, drinking games, and so much more. So put on your drinking pants and get ready for a wild ride, this will be unlike any drinking game you've ever played or like any show you've ever seen (probably)


    Sam Ellis
    Nate Charles
    Stand Up from Jared Laxer
    Improv from PTSB: Paul Turkel, Todd Rizley, Shannon Burke, and Bill Schaefer
    Sketch from The Alohahas: Shelby Coleman, Ellen Ko, and Samuel George Leroy James Dekatur Ellis
    Hosted by Zoe Yellen

    *Lineups subject to change.

  • $ 7.00

09/07/2016 <BR>9:00 - 10:30PM <BR>Truth Serum: The Morning Show at Night Edition

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