• 05/13/2017
    3:00 - 4:00PM
    This Poster Sucks: Poster Design Workshop

    Grant Lindahl

  • The class will focus on design basics, with a focus on comedy performances, rules of design, and how to market your show. Basically shut up and stop making shitty posters at the last minute and pack the shit out of your terrible comedy show.

    Through a one hour lecture, class address the correct fonts to use and where to find them. How to correctly structure your information to create a better user experience. What makes a good show poster? What makes a bad show poster? Where can I find good artists? What is a free alternative to photoshop?  What is the best time to market my show on social media? All of these questions and more will be answered sarcastically. This workshop is for comedians/musicians/weirdos/bus drivers at any level who want to learn from a professional and take advantage of Grants unique abilities as a comedy designer. 

    Note: This is his first ever class, it might be total dog shit but he will give you a flash drive filled with some sorta helpful stuff.

    Grant Lindahl has created posters and art for The Creek and the Cave, Big Jay Oakerson, Bob Saget, James Adomian, Rob Schneider, Arsenio Hall,  Jay Pharoah, SEESO, NBC, Comedy Central, IFC, and Broadway Video. 

  • $ 10.00

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