• 06/25/2017
    7:00 - 8:30PM
    The Stephen King and I

    Tabitha Vidaurri

  • Stephen King has written 54 novels and 199 short stories and is considered the greatest living author of the horror genre. Starting with Carrie at age 12, Tabitha Vidaurri has read every single one of his books! So she decided to do a show where she would summarize every single King novel in less than an hour. In addition to taking the audience on a journey through the world of Stephen King, Tabitha will be accompanied by a dramatic reenactment from It, performed by The Deadlights, New York’s best (and only) Stephen King sketch team. Starring Pat Byrne, Joe Bonacci, Zene Coley, Maddalena De Beni, Grant Lindahl and Jason Messina.

    Constant Readers and fans of horror-comedy take note, this show is for you.

    About the host:
    Tabitha Vidaurri is a writer/comedian and living in Astoria. She’s a regular on the late night variety show Prove it All Night! on WFMU and has been in comedy shorts for Above Average, MTV and Funny or Die, and has starred in a number of Off Broadway plays. She also really loves Shirley Jackson and Warren Zevon.

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