• 12/15/2018
    7:30 - 9:00PM
    The Odd Rock Comedy Hour

    Rob Paravonian

  • The Odd Rock Comedy Hour brings you music, comedy, sketch, video, or whatever oddness we can dream up!


    Song Salad Live! Shannon & Scott, from the Song Salad Podcast, are returning to the Odd Rock Comedy Hour to record a live episode where they will write, record, and perform a brand new song based on a random topic and a random genre of music, generated by our audience!
    Also on the bill are:
    Harmon Leon—storyteller, musician, and infiltrator who’s been seen everywhere from Vice to the Edinburgh Fringe!
    • and your host, comedian, musician, Pachelbel Ranter Rob Paravonian!

    Hosted by comedian, musician, and oddball Rob Paravonian, known the world over for his Pachelbel Rant and known in the outer boroughs for his song about the G Train!

    *Lineup subject to change
  • $ 10.00

12/15/2018 <BR>7:30 - 9:00PM <BR>The Odd Rock Comedy Hour

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