• 04/02/2017
    7:00 - 8:30AM
    The Dream Team Variety Hour

    Kaity Neagle

  • The 1992 Olympic Basketball Team - The Avengers - Kim and Kanye - these are famous Dream Teams we know and love. Get ready to fall in love with a brand new Dream Team coming to Astoria the first Sunday of every month. Up-and-coming comedians join Broadway Divas for an hour of jokes, songs, Mariah Carey covers*, and more. Close out your weekend right at The Dream Team Variety Hour!

    Hosted by Kaity Neagle,
    Anthony Devito
    Sharron Paul
    Kat Burdick
    Danny Vega
    Musical guest: Chris Nicolosi 
    *Mariah covers not guaranteed...especially if J.Lo is being performed.

  • $ 5.00

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