• 12/15/2019
    7:00 - 8:30PM
    The Big Star Wars Quiz Thing

    The Big Quiz Thing

  • As seen on the official quiz show of the city of New York, the Big Quiz Thing, NYC’s greatest live trivia experience, returns to Q.E.D.!

    From when the hope was new to when Skywalker will rise: The Big Quiz Thing—America’s premier providers of livetrivia entertainment and an NYC institution since 2002—challenges you to do or not do (there is no try) at a Star Wars–themed trivia game show, all about the movies, the mythology, the merchandise, and more. Astoria’s own Rory Scholl—an elite member of the BQT’s professional quizmaster team—leads a rare open-to-the-public team-trivia spectacular, featuring video and audio puzzles, the Lightning Round, the Buzzertastic Finale, Smart-Ass Points, and the greatest “figureoutable” trivia questions in this galaxy or one far, far away, all played via the BQT’s unique digital answer system. For honor, glory, and Jedi-level prizes courtesy the BQT’s deluxe trivia sponsors. Plus: Non-Lucas-approved comedy videos throughout the night, and a midshow costume contest. Tickets only $10; available at QEDAstoria.com.

    Learn more at BigQuizThing.com.

  • $ 10.00

12/15/2019 <BR>7:00 - 8:30PM <BR>The Big Star Wars Quiz Thing

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