• Tarot Zine -- **LOCALLY MADE**


  • In Search of Tarot is a collection of eight guided journals designed to inspire and invigorate your connection with the cards while creating a practical, written repository of the wisdom you discover along the way. Throughout its pages, you’ll encounter meditations and prompts written by Nicholas Kepley, alongside exquisite, hand-painted watercolor illustrations by Megan Turek — all pointing towards the Tarot’s meaning.

    In the world of The Fool (and therefore the Tarot), first impressions are everything. Instincts and gut-reactions rule the day. In this way, you are already closer to understanding The Fool than you think. Book Zero: THE FOOL introduces readers to the journey of The Fool with a deep dive into this iconic archetype.

    The second book in the In Search of Tarot collection, Book One: CONSCIOUSNESS focuses on cards I - VII of the Major Arcana (The Magician - The Chariot) and relates them to our own human experience of stepping into form and identity.

    - 5x7 zine-style guided journal
    - 20 full color pages featuring stunning watercolor illustrations by Megan Turek
    - Written descriptions and journaling prompts for deepening your relationship with the cards
  • $ 15.00

Tarot Zine -- **LOCALLY MADE**

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