• 11/06/2017
    6:30 - 7:20PM
    Swing Dancing / Charleston Workshop for Level II

    Akemi Kinukawa & Lewi Gilamichael

  • The topic of this series is Charleston.  If you have taken Charleston class at Level 1 (beginner level) during the previous series, or if you are already familiar with Charleston, you are welcome to take this class and explore Charleston a bit further!  We will teach more advanced materials built upon the movements we covered during the previous cycle.  If you have questions about your level, please contact us at SwingDanceAstoria@gmail.com 

    We will rotate partners frequently during the lesson so you will instantly make lots of new friends!!  You will have a chance to mingle and dance with each other and try out all the new moves  to authentic 30's and 40's jazz music.  Although drop ins are welcome, we highly recommend to attend all 4 classes to learn various steps of swing dancing so that you will be comfortable on the social dance floor.  Besides, there is a big discount by signing up for the whole month so please take advantage of it!  

    If you took Level 1, 6 count footwork in September or if you are already familiar with 6 count footwork with triple steps, you are welcome to join Level 2.  We will work on advanced moves in 6 count footwork.

    Classes are taught by Akemi Kinukawa and Lewi Gilamichael, very experienced and friendly instructors of Swing Dance Astoria (www.Facebook.com/swingdanceastoria).

    Space is limited and only advance purchase will guarantee your spot!  Looking forward to dancing with you!
    ($20 per class day of)
    Here is a video from a workshop at QED:
  • $ 17.00

11/06/2017 <BR>6:30 - 7:20PM <BR> Swing Dancing / Charleston Workshop for Level II

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