• Studio Series Dry Gouache Paint St

    Studio Series

  • Set contains 12 opaque watercolor paints!
    • Dry gouache colors are vibrant and opaque -- perfect for painters of all experience levels.
    • 12 watercolor cakes in a versatile palette.
    • Bright, dense pigment layers well over a pencil sketch.
    • Two brushes included: round detail brush and flat shader.
    • Lid doubles as a palette, with nine partitioned compartments for easy mixing.
    • Individual paint pans snap into and out of box, making it easy to reorganize or clean the set.
    • Opaque dry gouache watercolors are forgiving -- ideal for beginners experimenting in the medium.
    • Box measures 9-7/8 inches wide by 5 inches high by 1 inch deep.

          • $ 12.99

          Studio Series Dry Gouache Paint St

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