• Standup Comedy Writing and Performance Bootcamp - One-Day Intensive - July 13


  • FAQs: When? Saturday, July 13 from 12 - 2:30 pm
    How long is it? 2 ½ hours
    Who’s it for?  Both beginners and comedians who have been at it for a long time

    Have you always wanted to try standup but didn’t know where to start? Do you have jokes written in notes but have been a little (or very) apprehensive about getting on stage at an open mic? Have you been at it for years but want to work on new jokes, new premises, a looser style? 

    This intimate small group workshop (with limited spots) gives you direct feedback in a supportive workshop environment.

    Learn to punch up your jokes, PLAY on stage, and uncover your unique voice. Internationally-touring comedian Keenan Steiner who has taught multiple successful 5 or 6 week standup comedy classes ending in fantastic shows helps you “Bring Your Personality” through your standup. The approach is about uncovering what’s unique about you and how to turn that perspective into funny jokes only you can tell. 

    Bring your jokes from the start - you will be hitting the stage! 

    What you get:

    1. Introduction to Joke Structure - Premises, Setup, Punchline, Taglines.
    2. Hit the stage and microphone in front of the class. (Approx. 4 minutes - maybe more)
    3. Thoughtful feedback on your writing and performance, with an emphasis on unleashing humor about YOUR unique experiences.
    4.  Discover new premises and start to build new punchlines.
    5. Gain stage confidence. Elevate your stage presence.
    6. Learn Methods to Writing Consistently
    7.  Have fun! 

    Agenda (loose): 

    1. Warm Up Exercise 

    2. Introduction to joke structure

    3. Hit the stage.

    4. Personalized feedback.

    5. Conversation with you, instructor, the class to uncover more of your voice.

    6. Key Writing Tips to Start Writing Daily

    7. Q & A about starting standup + NYC standup scene

    Testimonials on Keenan’s classes:

    Keenan Steiner’s comedy class “Make your jokes about YOU” was so much fun! I just started writing in November, this class took my brain dump and gave me editing, structure and delivery tools to develop 7 minutes of authentic content I’m proud to perform. The feedback each week, in class and via email in between classes, as well as the stage time was so helpful for an aspiring, novice stand up. Our entire class killed their sets, credit to Keenan’s coaching. It was so much fun to see everyone’s work come together under the spotlight. Highly recommend. I will be back for more! - Lindsey

    "Keenan's class was key to me building the confidence to give stand up comedy a try. Keenan's feedback was always helpful and constructive. Thanks to the class I have been able to get up and perform on stage multiple times." - Greg

    About the instructor:

    Keenan Steiner is a comedian known for his nothing-is-off-limits material, authenticity, and loose vibe. Coming up in New York and then bringing his comedy to Mexico for three years before returning to NYC, he’s performed at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, New York Comedy Festival, Red Clay Comedy Festival, and many others.From 2021 to 2023, he went wild in Mexico where he launched his first English standup hour, and soon started doing standup in Spanish, which is not his native tongue. Overall, he's put on his standup hour, Sneaky, and a different hour in Spanish, dozens of times across cities in Mexico and in New York. . He’s on Instagram @keenanstandup, tiktok @gringobilingay and youtube at youtube.com/@keenansteiner. More at keenansteiner.com 

    NOTE: To purchase tuition you will need to affirm that you have read and agree to the QED ticketing & COVID policy.  https://qedastoria.com/pages/covid-guidelines

  • $ 65.00

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