• 07/11/2017
    9:00 - 10:00PM
    Stand-Ups Improvise TED Talks

    Ryan Stanisz

  • Join host and local Astoria comic, Ryan Stanisz, as he challenges NYC’s best stand-ups to improvise their way through a presentation they've never seen before, on a topic that they’ve never even heard of before that night!

    It's 'Whose Line is it Anyway' meets that TED Talk on ‘Leadership.’ Watch as comics explore such questions as: ‘If McDonalds can serve breakfast all day, then shouldn’t I be able to own a gun in this city?’; ‘Do iPhones fool the elderly into thinking they’re living in the future?’ You owe it to yourself to see, and learn, from this show.

    Gianmarco Soresi
    Dominic Fogarty
    Julie Kottakis
    Rachel Lenihan
    Patrick Hastie

    *Lineups subject to change. This show is not in any way affiliated with TED Talks and or TED Conferences and TED.com.

  • $ 7.00

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