• 02/24/2018
    12:00 - 2:00PM
    Self Publishing 101

    Vikram Dogra


    Technology offers numerous tools to easily express anyone’s creative ideas into a printed or e-book.  From photography sites to self-publishing book sites like blurb.com, the ‘do-it-yourself’ mentality is wonderfully empowering. Photos from a vacation can become a travel book. One’s own journey can be transferred onto a story that can become a touchstone inspiration for a person around the world.  Publishing a book in general is very cost prohibitive, meaning the cost of making or manufacturing is higher than what people in the market are willing to pay. 

    In this introductory two hours course on self-publishing, Vikram will share with students his own story of self-publishing with detailed emphasis on preparation and the process of putting a book together and getting it printed. This is a small and interactive class, so the students can share their own aspirations and goals in publishing. Students will be encouraged to share their own stories and efforts of their ventures. Each student should have an answer to what they want to do in relation to publishing and why? The course will focus in detail the following issues on the larger process of how to self-publish:

    1. Starting conceptualization, composing and drafting the first version of the book.
    2. Final Draft following adjustments from multiple edits and drafts by showing he samples and gathering feedback.
    3. Knowing the market – where and who will buy your book, and how much will a customer pay for it.
    4. Researching production costs of printing: Price/book and total number of books.
    5. Overcoming a cost prohibitive market – printing the book should be significantly cheaper than selling it.
    6. Crowd funding - Fund-raising and related marketing plan to mitigate production cost risks.
    7. Incentivizing plan for the pre-buying customer/investor.
    8. Delivery costs, legal fees and storage cost.
    9. Finding customers and stores (On-line and Off).
    10. Selling and marketing the book.
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