• 08/06/2017
    8:30 - 10:00PM
    Repeater: A Little Show About Big Songs

    Patrick Cartelli and Evan Forde Barden

  • Big time music fans Evan Forde Barden and Patrick Cartelli host this monthly talk show about people's favorite songs. Each month, they invite a special guest to share one song that they love - be it an all-time favorite, a track that reminds them of a great story, or something that just blew their minds. Then a musician takes the stage to cover it and play a song of their own. Think “You Made It Weird” meets “VH1 Storytellers."

    Jo Firestone (The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, The Chris Gethard Show, WFMU)
    shadow monster (Dark nostalgic pop music)

    Repeater is supported in part by Astoria's own HiFi Records & Cafe. Check them out online at http://www.hifi-records.com

    *Lineups subject to change.

  • $ 5.00

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