• Quiet in NYC: Images From a Time of Quarantine (Paperback)


  • THE LACK OF SUBJECT IS THE SUBJECT. Early March was the beginning of a long, mandated quarantine to combat a previously unseen threat in the form of COVID-19. Institutions and businesses alike began to leave behind places of work and worship and remain at home to avoid the disease and “flatten the curve”. The images contained in this book are from that time. Long walks by myself through empty and quiet city streets of New York. The financial district, government center, entertainment hubs, transit, all gone quiet while scientists tried to figure it out and hospitals tried to save everyone. Streets empty like movie sets, displayed the dearth of people in a city known for being alive with energy, excitement and people. Lots of people. What the city will look like when our smartest minds solve this is anyones guess but these images are a record of Quiet in NYC.
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Quiet in NYC: Images From a Time of Quarantine (Paperback)

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