• 10/12/2018
    7:30 - 9:00PM
    QED Presents: Maria Wojciechowski & Eman El Husseini

    QED Presents

  • QED Presents is QED's series of house-booked stand up showcases, featuring national headliners and up-and-coming gems! Be sure to keep an eye out for special guests and other surprises!

    Throughout October, QED Presents will feature two comedians per show who will be taping their half hours to submit to Comedy Central!


    Maria Wojciechowski (The New Yorker)
    Eman El Husseini (Just For Laughs)

    Hosted by Blair Dawson

    *Lineup subject to change

    Maria Wojciechowski is a Brooklyn-based stand-up comedian with a strong background of sketch, improv, dance, and music.
    Originally from Mobile, AL, Maria has been praised by Theater is Easy for possessing “a sharp wit” and “a clarity of prose.” The Chicago Tribune noted she makes “room for abject silliness in the midst of talking about her issues” while applauded her for her “storytelling prowess.” .
    Maria is one half of the sketch/musical comedy duo Abbaria. She's an editor at Comedywire and is a cast member of the sketch group All Female Reboot. She's previously worked as a staff-writer and performer for Seriously.TV.

    Her Instagram @ILookLikeLauraDern1 has been featured in the New Yorker, the Chicago Tribune, and Entertainment Weekly. Maria has also appeared on the late Seeso's Schtick or Treat Special as Paula Poundstone.


    A Canadian, a Palestinian, a Muslim, and a lesbian walk into a bar … ladies and gentlemen, it’s just Eman El-Husseini. Yes, she’s all those catastrophic identities rolled into one — her life is a current event. From the Muslim ban to Palestinian rights and marriage equality to the ice cream truck that insists on parking in front of her building, it’s all happening and it’s happening to her, especially. Strap in and get comfortable, Eman has a lot to work through. In her decade-long comedy career, Eman has headlined across Canada, opened for Patton Oswalt, and recorded her first comedy album, “Unveiled,” which can be heard regularly on SiriusXM Radio. She currently lives in New York City, legally, thank you very much.

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10/12/2018 <BR>7:30 - 9:00PM <BR>QED Presents: Maria Wojciechowski & Eman El Husseini

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