• 04/02/2017
    10:00 - 12:00PM
    Get Your $hit Together: Personal Finance for Women, 1.0

    Kate Asson

  • Did you resolve to take charge of your personal finances this year but don’t know how? Does tax season have you in a cold sweat? Afraid your student loans will outlive you? Then this class is for you. Join me for a low-stress, relatable workshop where I cut through the b.s. and give you practical advice and useful tips to help you secure a more stable and flexible financial future. I aim to remove the fear and helplessness surrounding money management and empower you to take charge.

    This class is geared toward women-identified folks, but all are welcome. Anyone holding student loan and/or credit card debt, struggling to build a savings account, or dealing with stagnant income would benefit from this class. Discussion topics will include:

    Demystifying Money Management
    Important Soft Skills

    Document Collection
    Expense Categorization & Tracking
    Worthwhile Deductions  

    Creating a Sustainable Budget
    Practical Math and How-tos
    Real Talk on Debt and Retirement
    Short and Long Term Goals
    Ideas to Increase Income

    Note: investing and investment products outside of retirement accounts will not be discussed--stay tuned 2.0 and up classes!

    Credentials/disclaimers: Kate is not a CPA or CFA. She does, however, have 10 years of financial industry experience and holds FINRA Series 7 and 24 licenses. For further cred, she has saved one year's rent, has no credit card debt, and is three payments away from student loan freedom.

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